BEAUTY / MAKE UP / Autumn - Winter 2012/2013

Kendra A. & Claire B. by Zhang Jingna ("Nu Renaissance Aristocracy") - (December 2012)

"Come the Shades of Fall" by Graeme Montgomery (November 2012)

Julia Frauche by Kenneth Willardt ("When Snow Falls") - (January 2013)

Codie Young & Caterina Ravagli by Phil Poynter ("Back To Elegance") - (November 2012)

Anouk Sanders by Xi Sinsong ("Evanescent") - (November 2012)

Ava Smith by Jem Mitchell ("Light & Shade") - (November 2012)

Leah De Wavrin by David Oldham (November 2012)

Nicole Hofman by Gerrit Schreurs ("Powder Power") - (November 2012)

"Gothic Elegance" by Hyea W. Kang (October 2012)

Dior Make-up Backstage Collection Fall Winter 2012/2013

Beauty by Elias Hove (October 2012)

Shu Pei by Bojana Tatarska ("Trust in Dreams") - (October 2012)

Frida Aasen by Marilyn Minter ("The Art of Beauty") - (October 2012)

Imogen Morris Clarke by Enrique Badulescu ("Dia de los muertos") - (October 2012)

...a "street style" beauty story by Emma Summerton (August 2012)

Mirror, Mirror - CHANEL

Giorgio Armani "Easy Chic" (Winter 2013, make up)